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Sequestration as a Service

Carbon Alpha facilitates decarbonization of existing industrial facilities while enabling energy transition technologies to achieve net-zero emissions.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a proven and efficient solution for permanently removing CO2 emissions, but the technology and expertise needed to develop an integrated CCS project are not easily accessible.

Carbon Alpha is a team of energy experts with decades of experience and a proven track record of successfully building industry leading businesses. We know firsthand that your corporate reputation is your most important asset, and we have the experience and skills to provide a professional solution to your CCS challenge.

The process of CCS is complex and multidimensional. Recognizing each company has different needs, the Carbon Alpha team works closely with our clients to develop fit-for-purpose carbon transportation and storage solutions.

Evaluation and Planning

  • Compile emitter data and spatial analytics
  • Identify optimal geological pore space and permanent sequestration options for our customers
  • Identify potential surface constraints and stakeholder considerations to minimize disturbances
  • Integrate relevant policies, regulations and stakeholder engagements into the project
  • Assess and mitigate risks to the CCS project

Project Development

  • Secure the optimal pore space storage rights through the competitive regulatory application process
  • Develop an approved measurement, monitoring and verification plan (MMV)
  • Manage the regulatory, stakeholder and surface land logistics
  • Evaluate and source suitable capture technologies
  • Design, construct and commissions the transportation and carbon storage facilities
  • Fund CCS projects


  • Operate the transportation and carbon storage facilities
  • Assume long-term responsibility and ownership of the sequestered CO2 while operating transportation and storage sites
  • Transparent reporting on project performance to validate carbon credits with accreditation organizations
  • Manage the approved MMV plan and associated compliance activities
  • Provide for project closure plan

Carbon Alpha provides sequestration as a service by managing all aspects of project development and operations

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