Carbon Capture & Storage

Become an environmental leader by taking action

In recent decades, we have gained growing insight into the impact of human activity on climate change. We cannot wait for decades to reduce CO2 emissions and reverse the effects on our environment. We need to act now.

The IEA’s sustainable development scenario projects CCS to increase by 260 times over the next 50 years. Over this time, CCS can prevent 240,000 Mt of CO2 from accumulation in the atmosphere and contributing to further climate change.

Industrial sectors such as cement, energy, fertilizers, petrochemicals, power generation and waste will require CCS to thrive. Green energy projects will include CCS to remain carbon neutral.

The Canadian government promotes CCS through research, funding and policy. All political parties are committed to placing a price on carbon. Investing in CCS has emerged as the most cost-efficient solution to net-zero emissions.

The general public is paying attention to the environmental profile of businesses. Companies who establish themselves as environmental leaders will improve their credibility and earn the trust of their stakeholders.

Canada’s industries are ideally located for a successful transition to CCS, particularly in Western Canada and Ontario where total geological storage capacity equals 500 years of Canada’s annual CO2 emissions. Services, expertise and equipment are available locally.

We created Carbon Alpha because we understand the urgency of commercializing CCS and the potential benefits for companies and investors who position themselves as pioneers in the transition to decarbonizing their industries.

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